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What is the difference?

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Some loud-mouthed dude was trying to tell me the other day about all the differences between the following:


Grilling - cooking with gas

Smoking - cooking with wood

BBQ - cooking with sauces

Broiling - cooking with charcoal

Brazing - cooking with electricity


He figures he has it all figured out. I always thought don't put too fine a point on it, it is all "cooking out" as far as I am concerned, and it is all good.


Yer thoughts? I think this cat needs to be kicked in the nether regions, but maybe he is onto something. Or maybe the pilgrim just needs said boot to the 'nads.

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Brazing is like welding....only different. biggrin.gif
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I think they have multiple meanings depending on where you are. BBQ and any type of grilling around where I am (socal) are kind of synonymous, however if you were somewhere with a big BBQ culture they might string you up if you said BBQ was grilling with gas. Likewise in those areas I think BBQ and smoking are synonymous. Broiling is when you cook with a heat source from above not under the food and braising is cooking low and slow in a flavorful liquid.


I think I got that mostly right, I'm sure someone else has some own personal and regional definitions. Bottom line, I think it depends.

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He had to be pulling your chain about that. 

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See, y'all think about this stuff just like me. No need to over think the activity of outdoors cooking. It is a process, not an event. Some of the worst stuff I've ever cooked came from over thinking. Now days, I just sit and stare at the cut I'm about to burn and let it talk to me and tell me what it wants me to do with it. Works every time.


The guy I was talking about basically believes he is a cross between Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett. He'll claim to have been camping in the woods and killing deer since he was like 2, so everything he tells me I take with a grain of seasoned salt.

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That guy kinda sounds like a use arguing with people like that.  I don't get too hung up on definitions.  Grilling, Broiling, Smoking, BBQ...its all good to me!



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The term bbq certainly has different meanings to different people depending on where your from in this great country. To me personally you need coals or wood to consider it bbq. I'm not a know it all, or a great pitmaster by any means, but a gas grill ain't bbq to me. Although a whole lot of people from my neck of the woods think it is . Really sad as they are missing out in great food cause they just turn on the gas and grill.
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"you can't fix stupid"    



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Heres my take.........


Smoking, grilling, and BBQ have to do with temperature. I'll buy the smoking (low and slow) and grilling (hot and fast) but I always thought BBQ had to do with sauce.


Braising adds liquid and Broiling has the fire on top.

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