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First brisket with real time Qview! - Page 3

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12:30 @ 181
1:00 @ 182
3:00 @ 191
6:00 @ 203
6:45 @ 205

Pulled and temps were good all over, thermometer slid in and would start to fall over meaning the meat is SUPER tender!

Wrapped and in the cooler. Only problem is my timing. Not planning on eating for 12 hours. Any suggestions? Will it rest okay that long in the cooler?

What else can I smoke quick that will be done in 12 hours? Well maybe done in 8 to give me time to run to the store and have it be ready for consumption later today with the brisket.
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Glad it turned out good for ya, sure looks nice ! Be sure to post some pics when ya slice er up ! icon14.gif As far as what else to smoke, maybe toss a chicken or two in.... My two favorite ways are spatchcock and beer can ! biggrin.gif
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Very happy for my first brisket. It kept warm in the cooler from 6am to 6pm. Just kept smoking since I had it all fired up. Did a spoon roast and a choice chuck roast. Someone else brought some fall off the bone ribs. Pea risotto and some other goodies as well.pumada7a.jpgy6u4epy6.jpgesaveqy7.jpgarydumu9.jpgusu4yma3.jpgreguse2y.jpg5e8aju8a.jpgudubahab.jpg
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For your first one, looks like ya nailed it ! Sure looks tender & juicy ! Nice job !
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Dude, that looks great.

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It was sooo tender and juicy. Only issue was the skinny flat area was a little dry.
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I am going to study your method, that's one damn impressive brisket.


Color me impressed, great job. Congrats!


Wait that was a Prime wasn't it. I have GOT to try me one of those puppies!


Beautiful meat.

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That looks amazing! I love the color an it looks so moist a juicy. If that was your first, not only did you nail it; but think about how easy it will be to do again for repeatable success.
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