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Best pork belly I've ever had.

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I picked up this monster today.  I'm used to getting 9-10lbers frozen from RD.  This dude weighed in at 25lbs fresh. It came from a small local processor who slaughters on site.  They brought it out from the back, so I wouldn't be surprised if it waddled in the back door this morning.  The color is so deep compared to that commodity pork from RD.  I can't wait to break it down and get it in some cure!


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Oh man, do I wish I had one of those.... I'am really itchin to make some bacon !
Good for you, let us go along with ya with some Q view ! biggrin.gif
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Are you Irish? You sure got the luck for it!


Beautiful side ya got there. You should take a small sample of your bacon back to the butcher when you get it done, kind of like a thank you. Building points with a butcher that has those can never hurt!


I would buy a lotto ticket too!

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That is a great looking slab.


Wish I could find them like that around here.

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Wow!!!  That's a real Porker!!!:biggrin:


Mine usually run between 9 and 14 pounds (without the skin).




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So big and exciting!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Well it's been a pretty long time between posts but I figured I would share some of the pictures of the process.



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That's some pretty bacon, how long and what type smoke did you use?

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Fantastic looking Bacon! That's one massive slab! Wish we could get something like that here. We'll we can but the place that does that wants half a years pay for the slab!
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Foamheart the bacon was in for 4 hours with BBQ delight hickory pellets.  

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Thank ye.... sure looks nice.

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Hey.......502........ Looks like you got a REAL pig...... one with FLAVOR...... icon14.gif
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Terrific looking piece of pork. Well done.



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