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porcine spontaneous combustion

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well i had two 5lb pork bellies cured and was time to smoke some for bacon and some for my bourbon maple glazed pork belly lolly pops. which are just cubes of cured pork belly cut in to cubes and smoked then drizzled with a 50/50 maple syrup and bourbon reduction. anyway after i was done smoking i took out the lolly pops and left the bacon hanging above my amazn smoker left the door open to let everything cool down. went up stairs to put my daughter to bed. when i came down to my horror i found two lumps of charcoal. the bacon had caught fire and completely burned it self up. i guess the amazn smoker was not completely out and some fat had dripped onto it and started a small fire which when it caught on to the actual bacon started a large fire. i almost cried...
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Bad news.... sorry about that... Ain't the first fire.... hopefully the last..... I've had a few.... so have most folks.... pork fat really burns good......

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That is a did your smoker fare? The way pig fat burns why can't we make it run our cars? Imagine the smell!!  :icon_eek:

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kinda pollution i would like chestnut

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Sorry to hear that - it didn't hurt your smoker did it?

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I a Great Smokey Mountains propane smoker, stainless, with an amazn pellet smoker. in all the only PIA thing was the soot that I had to scrub off the racks. actually was amazed the deck did not catch on fire form the rendering burning fat.


but in the end it will live to smoke anther day.


Lived and learned...



thanks for the kind words....

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Glad to hear your smoker is ok  :yahoo:  

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