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Need advice on a fridge smoker

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I want to build a fridge smoker, but I have a few questions. I am looking on the local classifieds for people selling a fridge for cheap or just wanting to get rid of a broken one. Most of the are fridge/freezer combos that have the freezer on top and fridge on bottom or a side by side. I want to find on that has one compartment, but I am not seeing any out there right now. Can I turn a fridge/freezer combo into a smoker? Will there be issues?


Side note - I saw a single compartment and I offered to trade the person some smoked meat for the fridge. They replied back saying they were a vegetarian. I then replied back saying I could smoke some tofu. Yeah...the trade did not happen.

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try and get a stand up freezer, or large fridge, better off to have the 1 big compartment and 1 door in my view. and remember the interior must be metal.... porcelain coated is great.

look thru the builds on the site and get some ideas...

good luck



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i got mine off craigslist.  i put a wanted ad and got several offers within minutes.  got my big double door commercial stainless steel 1960's for $140.00

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Watch craigslist, and government auction sites like 


Also call the local school systems to see how they advertise their surplus property from the kitchens.  You can get some great deals on used but no longer working warmers and refrigerators from the local schools.  We just want the shells and don't care if the warmer or fridge mechanics are not working.  I've seen them go for $25 on

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