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Lodge cast iron Sportsmans Hibachi Grill

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Have one being delivered tomorrow.  It's pre-seasoned.   I know nothing from cast iron cooking.  Do  need to do something to it before the first use?  On my other grills, I scrape the grill screen, then spray it with Pam before I put it away.  Is that going to work with cast iron?



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I have their cast iron grill grate. I use it on top of my cheapo wire grill racks. Grilling on cast iron is the best. I would still wipe your new grill grates with oil and heat in the oven to really give it a good seasoning. I've never had good luck relying on the factory seasoning of my cast iron. After that nothing to do but wire brush the grates after cooking and rub again with oil between cooks. Never wash with soap or any type of grill cleaners. Be sure to use a good quality stainless or brass brush or you will actually get rust from the minute particles of carbon steel from a cheap brush. A small amount of surface rust if it forms between cooks will wire brush right off.

Google their web site, the have much info there.

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I have one as well. Expect it to rust. I tried to protect mine from the weather, and it rusted in a plastic crate just from sweating as cold metal on hot humid days.


It's built like a TANK. It works like a hibachi but it isn't flimsy. You could stand on it. You'll probably need to keep the grate clean with a wire brush.


Have fun with it!

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If you season it with flaxseed oil, yes the whole thing it won't rust. You'll need to do several coats. Apply the coats very thin. Heat in 450-475 oven for 45mins to a hour. Let cool and repeat. You,all have a bomb proof cooker. Due to the heaat you will need to preseason a couple times a year.
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What dirtsailor said.
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Rub cast iron with oil out in oven for an hour on high heat let cool do it again.. lots of oil ... clean with salt and oil and rinse .. after u rinse light coat of oil heat back up to dry completely.. this is what u do with cast iron pans which I use all the time .. a properly seasoned piece of cast iron won't rust... instead of oven could also use the grill ...
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