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Off brand thermometer?

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I can't remember what brand this is. Anyone have something similar? Wondering how trustworthy it is. Not that it means much, but for the heck of it I put the probe in my MES 30 while burning off the residual oil of my new AMNPS. At any given time the thermometer could have been 15-20 degrees higher OR lower than the digital display on the MES.

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Master forge from lowes had 2 both quit after cpl times

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Do you think they were accurate before the quit? So far it's continued to work, just not sure if it's trustworthy.
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Got 205 from 1 207 from other in boiling water didn't do ice water. Probes were junk on both called customer serv & sent me new one & it died right away 2 didn't waste any more time on them got maverick from what ppl said on here & works fine so far.

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I have one and it is holding up well.  It is as accurate as my mav.

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Are they a single probe unit? I can't really tell from the photo...

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Mine is a single.

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Yes, single for mine. The biggest downside I've seen (assuming it's accurate) is there is no option to just monitor temp. So when the highest "well done" setting maxes out at 175 you have to keep turning the alarm off when you're trying to get a pork butt into the 190s.
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I have the same one. Press and hold the mode button for about 5 seconds and the target temp will blink. Press the "min" button to increase the desired temperature. So far mine has been reliable I think. Did the boiling water test and got a reading of 204, but I'm also at 5000' elevation so that makes sense.

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Burn two probes. Ya know buy cheap get cheap spend the $$$ have it forever.
Mavericks are the way to go
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SmokinGunny, thanks for the tip. Worked perfectly!
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I'm on my second one of these. The first one broke after my better half used it. The switch broke on the back but the probe and the sender unit were still working after a year of heavy use. I bought a maverickT-732 as well but for the price you cannot beat this thermometer. For the replacement probes on my Maverick I could have bought two more of these units.That's why I replaced it for this coming season. In my opinion it measures temps spot on, as good as my maverick.
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