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Ok, this is getting me mad, why am I missing these things? Honest to God I got here by accident, I am thinking of a Faux Briciole dish and thought I would look at the search engine to see if anyone has had the idea before! I click and come here to a 3 day old post I knew nothing about! Is there a SMF operating manual? Obviously I am missing something!


When I saw Clarissa's name I knew I was already out classed. When I realized it was only 3 days old I am upset!


Clarissa Its a beautiful meal. I'd have to, like normal, just put that marrow on toast. I am sorry I am a glutton and its unbelievably good. I could not stay the weight.


The dish looks awesome, especially as I have been online researching it (LOL.... First I had to remember the name AND spell it).


It's done very well, and the tie job........ very professional, of course I noticed. It look delicious. I guess great minds think alike, yours is just a much more professional prepared meal.


Excellent !!


I'll be back in awhile to read all your well deserved adulations. Have you thought of a change of professions?



Hey Kevin!


Well, we are one for one now, as your recent pork chop post totally outclassed any pork chop I have ever made, now and probably in the future as well.  


As far as trussing and tying go… one point a few years back, pretty much every pair of socks in my house had been trussed.  My husband was complaining about having to untruss his socks before he could put them on.  Glad to hear that all that practice finally paid off!  :biggrin:


We usually eat the marrow straight away as well, generally my husband and I fight over it.  We are having grilled rib steak for dinner tomorrow night, and I really wanted to have them with marrow.  Wasn't quite enough for the 2 of us until I extended it with the butter.  


Thanks so much for your extravagant compliments!  And also thank you very much for the points!!


Have a great night!


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Simply amazing. Thank you so much for the mouthwatering post....   :drool


Thank you very much, chestnut!  And thanks for stopping by!


Have a great night!