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Sunday Snackday - Cheese, Pretzels, Almonds & Peanuts w/Q

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Decided to try my hand at snacks today.


This is my 3rd cheese smoke since receiving my AMNS for Christmas. The first two smokes were 4 hrs, todays was about 2 1/2.


Wasnt' sure what I wanted to do with Pretzels so I made two batches. 

1) Melted 1 stick of butter, added Wooshy sauce, Paprika, and Mediterranean Sea Salt. Stared on a cold smoke while the cheese finished for about 45 minutes then switched went up to about 200 when I added the second batch.

2) 1 stick butter, Wooshy sauce, brown sugar, Paprika, and a squirt of mustard. Smoked at 200.


The last round was raw almonds with some dry roasted peanuts tossed in. 

1 Stick butter (yes, I used up some butter today), brown sugar, maple syrup, sea salt.


The pretzels came out pretty tasty, I prefer batch 2 but the lady of the house and the 9 yr old boy liked them both.

The nuts came out with a carmel consistency - taste great but not something you will walk around with. They will be fantastic chopped on ice cream or apple pie!


Todays smoke - Maple, Cherry, Hickory dust..




Finished product below. Seems a few of the sticks came up missing....





The nuts were great...they start off sweet and end with a nice smokey flavor.


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Looks good man!  thumb1.gif  I just made some more snack mix too but visitors ate almost all of it today...

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I'd say you've mastered snacks! How fun! Cheers! - Leah

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