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Teriyaki Chicken

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Marinated some chicken for about 8 hours in Soy Vay Teriyaki Sauce.  Chicken went onto the BGE at 325º.


About midway through the cook I threw a bag of frozen brussel sprouts into a pan with some butter and seasoning. 


Added the garlic toast on the BGE as well. 


Plated up the chicken, with the veggies, and some bowtie pasta (Lipton bag cheat) with the garlic toast.  First time using this Teriyaki Sauce – turned out excellent and will be using it more often! 


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WOW! Awesome looking chow! Thumbs Up

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Nice , Tatonka. The Sprouts look tasty.....:drool


The "Bear-View" was super :super: good.


Thanks for the look, and as always have fun . . .

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