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MES 30 and spare ribs

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First smoke on my mes30 and amps. Found my mes runs high. Set at 210° it runs 240° (testing with my maverick ET733 found this for me). Cut the slabs in half so they fit, will put them in in the next 15 mins or so. Using the 3-2-1 method. Wish me luck. My previous experience is on a offset woodburner. I could make awesome ribs on that, wanted to try an electric so I don't need to babysit the fire.

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Sounds good, post some pics if ya can !! icon14.gif
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My MES runs about 25* hotter than you set it... Enjoy your smoke & I guess I might as well remind you


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You do not have to cut ribs for the MES30, you can do them western style. Western Style?  Sure just circle up the wagons!


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