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pork butt - water pan?

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Planning for pulled pork next weekend. Not my first, but the first to execute by the book. Textbook being meowey's "basic" (thanks for that).

I see no mention of water pan. Not needed?

Thank you.
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I use a dry chamber & have no problem getting great, tender, moist pork  thumb1.gif











No water needed in my opinion...

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A water pan isn't necessary, but helpful for maintaining low temps.  Check out the Amazing Ribs website on "how to use a water pan."  He recommends it for 225F smokes and tells you why.  That fits meowey's temps.


Personally I dry smoke 95% of the time because I smoke almost everything but SLC ribs and roast beef in the 260-275F range or hotter.  My leaky WSM loves to run in that range when dry smoking, even with all the vents barely open.  When I want low temps I use the water pan.  It definitely makes a difference in keeping temps down. 

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