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Smoked Steak Pizza - Gluten-Free - My Birthday Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Sweet Smoky Cookies!!!


And happy Sunday to you!


Tomorrow is my birthday, (I turn 44), and my dear parents surprised me with a Fed Ex delivery of a gluten-free pizza crust, and I found that a perfect opportunity to whip up a "smoked" Sunday menu, and as a birthday eve of sorts, right?



So my sweet folks sent me the best surprise - this healthful, gluten-free, pizza crust from Sami's Bakery in Tampa, made of millet & flax...




And I love making this AMAZING tomato sauce made of such simple ingredients: tomatoes, fresh basil, an elephant garlic clove, olive oil, gray sea salt, black pepper, white wine, star anise, bay leaves, and a vanilla bean...


Now I got inspired (as far as those interesting ingredients for sauce - vanilla bean, star anise, etc.) by the ever so charming, talented, and sexy Chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli. 


And while I'll never pretend to make tomato sauce as grand as his, I'll also never pretend to have merely "thought of vanilla bean and star anise" in such a sauce, and thus give credit where it is surely do.


Whether mastering his art by a mere fraction or not, I can attest to the fact that every time I make this sauce, it truly IS the best that I have eaten in the world!



Pistachio shells, thanks to "Knuckle47" on this site and his suggestion, served as my smoking chips...



And I found a grill rack that would fit perfectly on my tiny gas smoker...



And I coated the bottom of the crust with grapeseed oil...



Removed the star anise, bay leaves, and vanilla bean from the sauce once it was made, and added the vanilla bean to the pistachio shells for smoking aroma...




And spread my sauce across the pie...



Now I love CHUNKY things - chunky salsa, sauce, guacamole, tartare, and everything really. I don't like finely pureed and smooth sauces without texture, but you could surely chop the garlic finer, and cook all things down to a smoother puree if you prefer that...




I just love texture...



Then I took some buffalo milk mozzarella, as "cow mozzarella" to me, is like tofu - no taste, rubbery texture, and only absorbing the taste of whatever is doused upon it...



Whereas the mozzarella from buffalo tastes really creamy and flavorful and downright fantastic!



I put that on the pie, making certain not to be too close to "melting over edges and down into the smoker.."



And got out a couple Australian, Grass Fed, Filet Mignon Steaks...



Cut a chunk for my dog's kibble-lunch-mix...



Sliced the meat and layered it over the pie...





added fresh basil...





and drizzled a TINY bit of Tunisian olive oil (my favorite kind, as it doesn't overwhelm the flavor of the food) over the pie, (will add more later)...




and fired up the tiny humble gas smoker, on high heat for 11 minutes...




Checking in on this and fearing that the meat would be OVERCOOKED, (as I take my steak "cold" in the middle), I decided to still let it stay the 11 minutes, so that crust and all things would be well...




And the damn smell, when I brought it in, was OFF THE CHARTS!!!! (Vanilla, smoke, pistachio, basil, and all things swirling and being amazing)!!!!



So I then drizzled olive oil, and ground black pepper and gray sea salt all over it...







And may I just say that this was LOVELY!!!!!!!!





The crust was exquisite and almost tasted like Rye toast without an overt caraway taste, and so maybe like a very MILD rye toast...





And I could actually taste "smoke" in everything - from crust, to meat, to basil and such...













The meat was not overdone at all! It was soft, succulent, smoky and yet COLD in the middle, the way that I like!




I'll definitely order some pizza crusts from Sami's, and then try smoked kangaroo next time, since eating that often and adoring it too!


Thanks for being part of my delicious birthday eve!!!


Cheers!!!! - Leah

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Wow. Another amazingly creative meal. Filet for your dog...he eats better than I do! Haha
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Thank you Worktogthr!


Yes, the dogs in this house eat better than our entire state! Smiles.


Thanks very much! This was a treat!!!


Cheers!!! - Leah

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Great looking pizza Leah! Nice job with the sauce too!  2thumbs.gif  I make my own sauces & they are so much better than you can buy... Happy birthday eve!  :beercheer:    Here's 44 just for you  Bottom.gif



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Thank you very much Jeremy!!! Yes, let's hear it for home-made sauce, right?


And your new avatar picture is just fabulous!!!!! Cheers!!! - Leah

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Alright !!!


Now I get to see it even better!!


I could definitely devour a couple pieces of that Beauty!!!:drool:drool


Another Great Post!!Thumbs Up




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Thanks so much Bear!!!


Silly as it may seem to some, this is my very first "smoked" pizza; and so admittedly, I'm a little excited!!!


Thank you for sharing in it and for the nice words!!!!


Cheers!!!!!!!! - Leah

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