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propane or elec

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Want to buy a new smoker, get rid of my stick burner. Can't make witch one l want. Want to be able to set it and forget it. Price is no object thx for any input.
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I would go with an electric over propane, as I think the temps are easier to control especially at a lower temp. I could never get my propane one to stay much under 200° unless it was really cold then I had issues trying to keep it up at 200°

I really like my cookshack, even if it just a small smoker, it would be better if I had bought a larger one at the time.

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I think it really depends on what you are planning to smoke.  Pork and Beef, I'd go propane.   Fish, I'd go electric.

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Use to have propane, got a fast eddie pellet grill (pg500) now and the set and forgot of the pellet grill is much easier even compared to propane. Plus it makes a damn good grill.

No experience with electric
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Thx guys great info. Leaning towards electric, l have my Weber for over 275 MES40 thx again.
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