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New member from Bay City

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Hey just joined the forum. I am looking for advice on whats best to inject into a brisket. It's 11 1/2 pound whole cryovac brisket

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Most use beef broth with or without rub or spices of choice.  I have not tried injecting a brisket yet.  If you inject you must get the brisket to a IT of 140* in the 4 hrs allowed.   40* to 140* in 4 hrs is the rule for ground or injected meat. 


I just do a rub the night before then put in smoker and after 4 hrs I put a temp probe in. When it gets to 195-200* start checking with a toothpick and when it slides in like into butter then its done.  Bring in and wrap in foil and a little more broth if you want then wrapped in towels and in a warm cooler for at least a hour.  two hrs is better in MHO.  Hope that helps.  You can wrap the flat and put in cooler then cut the point in small chunks and make burnt ends or wrap it all.



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Awesome thanks. I was going to dry rub. Do you use a mop of any sort?

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Do you use a mop?

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No I don't mop.  I do foil most times at 165* but don't add anything to the brisket just foil. I am not much of a sauce guy and for brisket if I use any thing it will be A1 sauce.  If you want bark then no foil if you don't care about the bark then foil. I like the bark but the better half doesn't so I foil most of the time.  I also split the point from the flat. Slice the flat and the point gets turned into burnt ends.

Try the search bar for brisket flat point and there are lots of good reads.



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