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Cooper Atkins DPP400W Meat Thermometer

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My wife gave me two tickets to a local BBQ class which we finally went to last week and had so much fun, I want to go again. The teacher covered many topics including meat thermometers. He pulled out one of his favorite being this Cooper-Atkins DPP400W. I played with it and was surprised how quickly it came up to temp. When I got home, went online and found it be available on fleabay for a whopping $20. Elsewhere online the average price is low $30's.

Even though I love my Thermapen, I decided to buy this Cooper just to test it's accuracy. Got it last night and boy am I surprised. Did the water boiling test comparing it along side the Thermapen and it stood it's ground being as fast and apparently as accurate, at least getting up to 212*. I did a variety of cool down and quick warm ups and it was right there along side the Thermapen.

The only downside is the size of the readout for the Thermapen has been kind to my eyes. But if some is looking for an inexpensive meat thermometer which is fast and pretty accurate, here's an option to consider.



Technical Specs

ItemDigital Pocket Thermometer
Temp. Range (F): -40 to 392 Degrees F
Temp. Range (C): -40 to 200 Degrees C
Stem Length: 2-3/4"
Accuracy: +/-2 Degrees F From 14 Degrees to 212 Degrees F, +/-3 Degrees C From -10 Degrees to 100 Degrees C
StandardsNSF, CE, WEEE, RoHS
Battery Type: 1.5V Silver Oxide
Resolution: 0.1 Degrees to 1.0 Degrees F, 0.1 Degrees C

Display: 3 Digit LCD
Stem Material: Stainless Steel
Case Material: ABS Plastic
FeaturesIPX7 Waterproof Rating, Less Than 6 sec. Response Time
Auto Power Off: Yes
Data Hold:Yes
IncludesPocket Clip
Manufacturers Warranty: Lifetime
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Hey, nice therm.... Have ya tried it out yet ? If ya don't mind me askin how much that run ya ?
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Thanks for adding that info to your post, appreciate it !
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Yes, as I mentioned above did the hot water comparison test along side my Thermapen.   I paid less than $20 delivered but the average price is $30'ish.

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