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Cute doggie pictures Moikel and Leah.  I can't contribute anything there.  We just feed feral cats and families of raccoons that visit our backyard.  We live in a tract neighborhood but have the only large oak tree within a quarter mile.  In our small backyard we've been visited not only by the cats, raccoons, and the occasional skunk, but turkeys, geese, owls, and goshawks.  Mother Nature is always surprising us in our backyard.


Leah, that organic red table wine I mentioned above was an interesting experience.  On first taste my future son-in-law and I were like "nope, this is not good, but not horrible."  Fairly young tasting grape juice and alcohol.  No wood character at all.  Obviously bottled right out of stainless steel fermentation tanks from a mix of grapes.  It had a familiar taste though I couldn't quite shake, so we kept sampling.  Then it hit me, "THIS IS MY DAD's TABLE WINE!!!!"  Tasted almost exactly like the stuff I used to share at university 40 years ago.  My wife, daughter, her fiancé and I finished the bottle with gut-busting laughter while I shared stories of the dozens of roommates and students I turned into winos back then.  I'm going to get Dad a bottle for the next time we see him. 


We had a great weekend with our kids.


Happy Week-End All,



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Great lover of owls!
Especially the Powerful Owl which eats possums & fruit bats both critters that We are over run with.
I had a few glasses of home made red in Italy & it was exactly what I drank way back when I got invited into Italian households 30 years ago. Lighter colour,lower alcohol, no much age,not much oak easy to drink.
The widow 2 doors up still has her late husband winemaking kit in the garage,if only I had a decent shed!
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Originally Posted by Moikel View Post

The widow 2 doors up still has her late husband winemaking kit in the garage,if only I had a decent shed!



Rich? Good Lookin?

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Originally Posted by Foamheart View Post



Rich? Good Lookin?



Can't stop laughing.  Didn't see THAT one coming!


Now my wife is laughing!

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Originally Posted by Foamheart View Post



Rich? Good Lookin?

My GF, Croatian heritage & a nurse.Not afraid of the sight of blood,not about to give her an excuse to shed mine!:icon_eek:

The place in question is an L shaped block with separate street front ,when the doors are open I can see the press, massive big glass containers with the wicker wrapped around them,few other bits & pieces. All gathering dust. He was a northerner from Veneto bit unusual because its mostly southerners around here. 

He had the concreting contract for the municipal council.Hell of a lot of concrete jobs for cash money after hours with "left over" concrete he was quite the character .Not afraid to trash talk the Sicilians &  Calabrians in my hood about their regional differences:biggrin:

He used to make good wine that shed might have some mojo maybe I can sub let:biggrin:. Its got the big concrete laundry tubs I think there was a bit of salami made there as well. Tile roof not metal much better for curing .

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Top of the Morning Sweet Vino Cookies!


Funny, I've never eaten owl, but the mere mention in any capacity of an animal does prompt such thoughts...


As for Veneto and wine, a hearty Amarone can pull me away from my White Burgundy on any day - and is the perfect pairing with anything heavy for the record, (whether it be wooly mammoth with fig & marrow risotto, or, OK OK you get the idea)...


Never underestimate a charming widow! A guy I used to bump into on walks locally, had simply kept rapport up with the woman a couple houses down, shared a meal or two, and then she died and left HIM her house! He walks back and forth still, maintaining both homes! (Though one is for his cat mostly).


What else?


OH! RAY!!! Your story, of the wine, and family, and tableside stories, is just fantastic! That you will give a flask of that wine to your Pop, is wonderful to!


So if I haven't said it before enough, I LOVE THIS FABULOUS WINOS GROUP!!! We have such fun!


Meanwhile, you should be mighty impressed that I am on day 7 (dare I believe it myself) of "stepping away from the vino" just until this coming Saturday when my brother visits and we shall drink as if prohibition shall begin at any second, hence me saving up some reserves or giving my system a little break this past week, and trying to see how all of you are during the week without wine etc. as I found that so impressive.


Still unsure of the entire allure, I have been "good" and not even had a glass. Though I'm smoking a Sauterne soaked rabbit midweek, and so let's see if some of that fine grape makes it into the dear marinade!


Happy new and quite fabulous holiday week cuties!!!! Make it delicious!!!


Cheers!!! - Leah  

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Easter w/e so headed to the coast .
Couldn't catch any fish water still to dirty after all the rain so I had to buy fish for Good Friday.
Other meals will be duck,orange & pistachio sausages tonight.
Cattle mans cutlet another night & suckling pig roasted another night.I will fossick through the wine that's down here there is a lot old Shiraz from Heathcote,Barossa & some Wynns cab Sav somewhere.
Thanks to failed guard dog white cockatoos have gnawed through umbrella stand , not happy.

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Happy Easter wishes to you and your gal Mick!!!!


I just LOVE your doggies and the lounging shots! Adorable!


Your menus sound superb! And I'm a changed woman having learned the phrase, "Cattleman's Cutlet" after your post and photo of such recently. I love the mere sound of that even! Fantastic stuff!


I'm hosting my brother Saturday, and am making steak tartare (with the meat's fat saved and seared and used as 'cracklings' in the black rice etc.) and we're starting with some raw clams and raw oysters (since he is coming to the coast after all) and also WINE! 


This is day 10 for me, attempting what you master during the weeks. I don't feel like a changed being yet (perhaps a bit of a grumplet) but I suppose it is a healthy step and here's to that!!!


Report back on all you drank/ate (and everyone please do so here too) when back or able.


Meanwhile, happy all!!!!!


Cheers!!! - Leah

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My butcher friend makes the duck sausages,duck,orange peel,pistachios ,nutmeg & bits. I had to do them in the oven no gas ! Bit hard to get a delivery now!I had salad with my own smoked cheese,some onion jam on the side.
The Wynns Cab/Sav is an Aussie Icon,this bottle 2003 decanted it . Really impressive,great bones always long lived,still fruity,bit of leather & cedar.
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Oh that looks delightful and so cozy there too! Fabulous stuff! Here's to a scrumptious weekend!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Tonight's wine ,bit of a classic .
We are having fish so I will have it with cheese.
Marlin steaks with Thai flavours.
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That sounds great! And you'll be proud to know that I made it, today is day 11 - taking a page out of your abstinence on vino - and tomorrow, when entertaining/cooking/hosting, I am enjoying some wine again indeed!


Happy Easter to you & yours!!! And to all our wonderful winos!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Thought I  would drop this in here.

I am home alone,ran up to supermarket & saw this half leg of lambwtf1.gif,never seen it its the thick end only $9 a kg bone in.

I pot roasted it with homemade bacon,carrots ,celery,onion,red wine chicken stock,big bunch of herbs,then ten minutes out threw in a bunch of frozen peas.

Drank it with a Witchmount shiraz from Victoria ,won the World shiraz challenge in 2007 .Great distinctive glass of wine.




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Mick that looks mammoth and amazing! From your "cowboy cutlets" down there to this leg, I am in awe!!!! Great to see! And vino too! Cheers! - Leah

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Bit left field but this is tonight's dinner,Sunday night.
Lamb shanks in a Southern Italian style.
Slow cooked ,bacon,garlic ,onions,red wine,tomato passata ,veal stock,bunch of herbs.
Warrabilla Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 ,big ,bold 15.6 % alcohol ?From Rutherglen couple of hours from where I grew up.
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Oh I love lamb shanks Mick! That looks and sounds incredible!


And interesting on the wine!!!


Fantastic!!!! Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

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