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hello and welcome to the site icon14.gif ....under your post count and join date on the right you can ad where your from in your profile, helps with members not asking where from all the time, LOL....
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Thanks Bob1961.  Just took care of that. I appreciate the guidance.Thumbs Up


Just chillin out after devouring a delicious smoked chicken dinner. Tried the Apple Chicken in Pie Plate recipe Jeff listed earlier this week. I didn't have any apple wood so I smoked it over hickory and corn cobs but filled my water pan with apple juice. The chicken was too large for a pie pan so I put it in a cast iron chicken fryer and set it on the top rack of my smoker. Marinated the bird in a Rub over night, this morning I rinsed it, then covered with mayonaise and sprinkled with more rub. Smoked for about four hrs until the thigh meat was 185F. Turned out fall off the bone juicy and full of favor. Served with steamed green beans and a smoked baked potato wrapped in bacon.

Tomorrow night the wife is going to make gravy out of the broth left in the chicken fryer pan and we'll be having chicken and waffles with smoked chicken gravy.

One thing I did forget to do was take some Qpics. Next time I'll try to remember to take some pics.

Hope I didn't make ya too hungry. LOL

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