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Hello Mark.  I am sure you could develop a FATAL case of tennis elbow that you MIRACULOUSLY recover from over the weekend.  I am sure that great Q would save your life!


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Hello Folks.  I hope folks have been booking their places.  Wheels are turning in the background.  I have received a couple questions about partners attending.  Things like I don't want to be the only woman there, etc.  OF COURSE the partners should come!  My wife wouldn't let me away for a camping weekend without her.  Maybe if folks confirm their partner will be along it will ease others minds.  Thanks.


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Tent site booked :yahoo:

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Hello Andy.  Good for you.  At the moment I can only confirm there will be 3 of us, but HEY, WE will have a great time.


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Hi All, will be booking on Thursday. Yes my wife will be attending as well. Should be a great weekend.

Smokin Monkey
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Sure wish I could come cause I know ya'll gonna be telling some new lies. Besides if ya ain't there you know you'll get talked about!


Hope ya all have a great time, and at some point at the gathering, raise one for those of us that are there in spirit only!


Have a great time!

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Howdy y'all, booked pitch 84 for me, the missus and the two whippets for the three nights ! Didn't see an option for booking the weather though, fingers crossed for a scorcher : )

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Pitch 85 Booked for me! Just the wife and me. Looking forward to meeting everybody!

Smokin Monkey
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 Hello.  Glad to have you jockaneezer.  Mother's 2  four legged "children" will also be with us.  By confirmation; " and now we are 4".  Surly I am not the ONLY one who remembers the Magnificent Seven!!!!   ON the other hand I am the ONLY Tx. redneck in the group SO maybe I am.  :icon_biggrin:  I have ALSO heard; contrary to popular belief, John Wayne did NOT win WWII single-handedly, AND the Americans did NOT capture the enigma machine.  I am convinced these are vicious propaganda rumours!  The movies make it CLEAR who did what and when.  :ROTF


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Just thought I‘d get in first and say I will be bringing garlicy potato salad with me !
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Hello Jock.  "garlicy"?  Is that one of those "technical" culinary terms??  :icon_lol:  GREAT stuff and you have brought up a good point that will be addressed in the near future.  Wheels are turning in the background.  I am not worried about meat/smoked foods.  There will be different cuts of meat, different styles, different rubs and such.  What I am worried about is loads of great smoked meat and 20 green garden salads and no salad dressing.  Watch this space!

I have a couple members who are helping to making sure I don't foul anything up ( :icon_lol:  babysitting me is a full time job!  BOY did they screw up! ).  ACTUALLY, they were smart enough NOT to volunteer, I just sort of ROPED them in ( and they fell for it! :ROTF ).   Most folks hate to see an old man on his knees with tears in his eyes.  Names will be named!  There will probably be a couple more threads started closer to the time, just to tie down the loose ends.  We are hoping to make our inaugural ( had to look that word up ) meeting set the standard for all others to come!  Will be glad to put faces with the names.


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We now have an extra pair of hands - my wife has agreed to come too. I think the promise that the cabins were the equivalent of 5 star hotel suites complete with private masseurs and that we would only be dining in only the finest restaurant that the region could offer. I hope I have not given her false expectations! :wife:

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Hi Wade, I heard the chamber pots in those cabins are from the Ming Dynasty, that should impress her !

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Hello Wade.  I think THAT is a completely accurate description!  Well, I CAN guarantee she will be dining on the finest food available in the region; BUT, my missus says to tell her she MAY want to pack her marigolds.  :icon_biggrin:  In my house we have his and hers pairs.  For SOME unknown reason hers last longer than mine?  I guess I just get the cheap pair? th_dunno-1[1].gif 


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OK, Danny has asked me to post this link. http://www.hot-to-trott.co.uk/FoodIdeas.php

This is a link to a web form, where you can fill it in with what food you are thinking about bringing for the Saturday Night "Pit Masters" Feast!

As previously pointed out by Danny, all food is welcome, but if 20 people bring the same Salad, then it's going to go to waste. This way, we can inform people what's already popular on the Menu.

As stated on the form, it's only a general idea, and no ones going to get upset if you do not bring the Whole Smoked Pig, covered in BBQ Sauce , you said you was.

Plus any equipment that you may thing could be of use, like a Table, Gazebo etc.

Thanks Smokin Monkey
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that form is a great idea, I heard Danny and Wade were both bringing tofu,carrot sticks and Linda Mcartney sausages :) I will have a think about what I‘m bringing, I have a pop up gazebo but will only bring it if it‘s needed as it takes up a bit of room and we will be extending the weekend a few days either side to make the most of our holiday.

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Hi Jock, I've already told Danny, I bringing Beer , Wine and a Take Away Menu!

Smokin Monkey
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Hello.  That form is the brain child of Smokin Monkey AND a great idea it is. Thanks for the help with that!  Jock, you have been horribly misinformed!  I hadn't planned on going to all that work, I was planning a four pack of lager,KFC and a bottle of cheap generic BBQ sauce, or maybe have some pizza delivered ( cheap BBQ sauce on the side ).  I can't wait to try the food cooked by the British members.  Dry burgers, burnt sausages and raw chicken are my favourite!  :duel: :ROTF  I think this weekend is gonna be GREAT.  We may only have 6-10 members plus spouses but it's a good start.  Hopefully in a couple years we can book the whole darn campsite for a weekend.  Keep Smokin!


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Hello.  I get to see what you folks are planning for the "Pit Masters feast"  ( GREAT name Smokin Monkey ) so I feel it only fair that I share my menu.  Of course I will be bringing traditional BBQ things I grew up eating back in Tx. ( Texas style so to speak )  I would normally smoke a 7-8 kg. brisket for such a gathering but as we are on a campsite and I am between large smokers that won't be possible.  These things will be JUST a little different than what you are used to but I do hope you give 'em a try and they go down well.  MarkUK seems to like my potato salad.


Smoked Rib Roast

Smoked sausage ( my own recipe of a Tx, style sausage )

Potato Salad


Spanish rice ( NO! not very spicey at all )

Pinto Beans

Pico de Gallo  ( peck of the rooster.  It's a Mexican salsa that goes great with smoked meat.  YES!! it has chillies and MIGHT be hot! )



As a side note I must share a humorous story that happened Thursday.  Had the Granddaughter ( Jaz ) overnite, she is only 3 years old.  When asked about what she wanted for tea she clearly replied " tah-may-toes".  When told, her mother ( my step-daughter ) was beside herself!  AND of course I had to stir the pot!  I told her that if she brings Jaz round more often I would be glad to finish learnin her to talk.  Told her that soon I'd learn Jaz to speak properly and say "maters" and "taters".  I chew tobacco ( nasty habit ); but I told the daughter that Jaz was a bit too young to learn to spit but that I'd learn her that when the time came.  :ROTF  She left spitting and sputtering about maybe I had done enough damage th_dunno-1[1].gif.  The daughter is good natured really.  I DO LOVE winding my British daughters up.  They are never REALLY sure if I am serious.  Keep Smokin!


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i am 95% sure that me and my misses will be coming ,i will be bringing my pulled pork,home made slaw and 3 sauces , an apple topper, a bbq and a spicy lexington vinegar based sauce all home made ,the pork will be pre cooked at home and brought up vac packed because i dont want to tend a pit for 12-13 hours and i will cook either  jamaican jerk chicken legs or a whole smoked "pickled" turkey on site  i have lots of camping equipment and i will be in my trailer tent that i use when i go to motor racing events but i am unsure what pitch to book as my misses is disabled ,i will phone them to sort out what would be best for us 

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