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Good Deal?

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So I think I just walked into a smokers dream. I have a member at my golf club that is high up in the corporate office of a large BBQ Chain where I live. We got to talking and I asked him about getting meat from him. He said he would just charge me his cost. He gave me a 6.5# butt and 3 slabs of spare ribs for $30 (ribs were 3# each). Everything was cryovaced. How much do restaurants usually pay per pound?

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How much do restaurants usually pay per pound?


Good question.  I've worked with a lot of restaurants and their financials concerning advertising but never bothered to ask what they pay for meat.  Next time I get the chance, I'll ask.  I suspect it isn't as deep a discount as you might guess.  Protein has to be the priciest aspect of restaurant food.


What he sold you came out to $1.94 / lb.  That's about 55 cents to $1 / lb less than what I find on sale at my local grocer for pork, both butts and spares.  Occasionally my grocer sells pork for $1.99 / lb, but not often.  When they do I get the impression they are unloading excess stock.  That's about the only time I put meat in the freezer.


The meat department folks all know me and my "on sale" buying habits because I'm in there to buy meat once or twice a week.  They stopped asking "what I need" when I always answered "what's on sale?"  Now they come out and point out the best deals. 


Enjoy the opportunity to get nicely priced meat on demand.  Wonder that he pays for briskets?

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