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first brisket

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well, I'm turning 30, to celebrate I bought a MES 40. I used it for a few times in the last couple of weeks smoking ribs and chicken. I will attempt to smoke a brisket this weekend for my party. I just bought an AMNPS, oak pellets, and an ET732. 


Here is the thing, I've never smoke brisket before so I am asking for tips and advises from the forum.


I know the general rule of thumb is that it smoke between 1.5-2.0 per pound. Does it requires to have water inside when I'm smoking the meat?


there are so many thread asking for help with keeping AMPS from being extinguish. Can someone tell me the tricks or threads? 


I will post some pics when I start smoking the meats. TIA.

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Welcome Wakame!!


I don't know how big your Brisket is, but below is how I did a small Brisket Flat in my MES 40:


Brisket Flat   




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Welcome, and I just did my first brisket this past weekend.  It was about a 5lber and took nearly 10hours and honestly could have been a bit longer.


I cooked mine at between 225-240 the whole time till it got to an IT of 170 then I wrapped it in foil until it hit an IT of 195, I think 205 would have been better.  I did not use a water pan or actually any basting liquids and mine was juicy as can be.  I know a lot of folks on here do use some juices for basting so might want to look into that if you are so inclined.



As for keeping the AMNPS to stay lit, what I have been doing is putting my pellets into a microwave safe dish and nuking them for about 30 seconds to a minute.  That kicks some of the moisture out so they stay lit better.


Good luck, and happy Birthday!

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I am looking at getting a packer from Sam's. I'm thinking about 11-12 lbs. Nuking option sound good. How do you prevent liquid from dripping on to the AMNPS?

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I used a couple of make shift foil trays on the racks above the pellets to catch all the drippings.  Generally I use a foil pan anyways for my smoking to keep the smoker sort of clean from all the juicy goodness that seeps out.

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