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Finally, good BBQ in Chicago!

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Hi all, new to the forum however I have been reading them for years--figured it was time to sign up.  Live in Chicago for the last 12 years, originally from Kansas City.  Been eating BBQ since I was in diapers and trying to keep the KC love alive in Chicago.  Firm believer that KC is the best Q in the world, and will debate it until I die.  Been doing my own cooking for the last 4-5 years.  Grew up with it, however after moving to Chicago, it became a little harder.  Hard to set up your cook without a yard, but I managed.  Have used various styles but mainly vertical smokers---because of restrictions in Chicago, they have been propane fired but after moving to a new place, my options have opened up a little.  I pride myself on my ribs and pork, however have done salmon, pheasant, trout, brisket, burnt ends, sausage and who knows what else. I am in the market right now for a new drum/firebox style so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully I can ramp it up if I upgrade things.  Can't fit a whole brisket in my smoker now, so that will be task #1.


PS, there is still no good BBQ in Chicago.  I have had some good places, but I am dying for some down-home places like what I grew up with. 


PPS, since everyone always wants to know, the best BBQ in Kansas City is, in order---BB's Lawnside, Jackstack, Oklahoma Joe's, Woodyard, and LC's. And the best sauce will always be Gates.

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Good evening and welcome, post some pictures of what you decide on and some of those great Ribs !  Glad to have you here. I like KC BBQ but I'm partial to Texas style.


Gary S

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