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Smoker decisions

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Been awhile since I have posted or used my smoker for that matter. (Been a very long winter up here) That being said, I am looking to purchase a new offset. Would like to stay under $350. I am leaning towards the Brinkman trailmaster le, but now I see Walmart has a oklahoma joe highlander for the same price. ($299). Was just wondering if anyone had any input either way on these smokers?

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Hello.  I haven't looked at either smoker on google but most offsets in that price range are the same.  If you can look at both I would say chose the one made from the thickest metal.  Our member reviews seem to be about the same for both.  You will have mods to do for each but is to be expected.  Google reviews for both and you will find our members posts.  Keep Smokin!


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