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Reinhard's German Gumbo

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Today I am trying Reinhards German gumbo. Being from a small German town in Minnesota, sauerkraut is common in our house. When I saw this recipe I new I had to give it a shot. You can come along if you like. I'll post some q-view.

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Grabbed a bag of kraut yesterday at the store
I really wanted to put some smoked ribs In but would rather eat them plain so I thawed a plain tenderloin sliced into medallion size and threw them on the grill.

Then sliced the taters, fried bacon, sliced some sausages I smoked last week.

You know how when you stuff sausage you always get the leftover in the bottom of the stuffer that never gets in the casing. We'll I usually fry that and eat fresh, last weekend I kept it and added it on the bottom of this dish on top of the pork. Then added the kraut and bacon.

I wanted to add a link to Reinhard's recipe but can't figure it out. Just search German Gumbo. Thanks Reinhard for the inspiration! We post finished pictures.

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That's looking really good Steve.  I now have to search for that recipe!

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Here, I think I figured how to attach a link:

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Do you know what? This is really gonna be something! Needs to rest now, making bread sticks, will post final.
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This is to die for! If you think sour kraut is sour, guess again. This
Is so flavorful! It will be made again, a hot in this family!
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I'm glad you like the recipe!!  I've made it a few times since I last posted the recipe.  Always a hit at home and at deer camp. Thanks for all the pic's,  everything looks very tasty.  Reinhard

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What temp do you cook this at ?

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Do a search for  German Gumbo Again .  Sorry, not that great at posting links, but that will get you to the original recipe.  I kept the temp at 350 during the whole process.  Reinhard

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