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Baby Back Ribs

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Morning All,

Looking to smoke some baby back ribs next weekend and looking for 2 things.  First, today is Sunday, how long is it recommended to let them sit in the fridge with dry rub in plastic wrap? And second, if I buy the tube smoker, will that all I need for smoke?  Looking forward to advice.





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The ribs can sit in a tight plastic wrap, in the fridge, for about a maximum of 2 days.  As for the tube smoker, what other heat creating things do you have?  Like a Gas BBQ, a Charcoal BBQ, a smoker of some sort, like an MES or Bradley?


Using a tube smoker, put some soaked chips, water shaken off, into the tube, and place it near a good heat source, like in Gas grill, between the grill and flame, between the flames.

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Hi Mike.


I usually rub my ribs the night before, then leave them in the fridge for 8-10 hours or so before smoking.  Occasionally, however, when pressed for time, I've applied the rub right before the ribs go in the smoker...and they still turned out great.


What kind of smoker do you have?  If its a gas or pellet rig, I'd recommend the tube smoker.  If its an electric smoker, I'd recommend the AMNPS (pellet tray).  If its a stick burner or a charcoal rig like the WSM, IMO you'd be better off using seasoned wood chunks or splits to produce the smoke.



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I have a masterbuilt XL 40 Propane smoker

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Originally Posted by Fitch View Post

I have a masterbuilt XL 40 Propane smoker


Then you should be good to go with a tube smoker.  Should work better than futzing with one of those chip boxes all the time.


Good luck!  



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