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smoking good time

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     WOW!!!!   Smoking can be a lot of work.  The day started out as a regular day of smoking.  Just some ribs for supper after the track meet.  Pretty soon I add two whole chickens, meatloaf, and some wicked baked beans.  By the way the smoked meatloaf was outstanding.  Everything else was great also.  Wicked baked beans are always great.


To start out with.  My smoker holds temp.  very well.  Within 3 degrees of

electronic thermometer.  Outstanding.


Ribs foiled.  Chicken, meatloaf, and beans on their way.


Chicken done.




Meatloaf was fabulous.




Wicked baked beans.  Extraordinary.



Ribs.  First time.  Turned out great.


This was a great smoke.  I thought I" bit off more than I could chew"  but everything turned out great. 

230 degrees for six hours.  A few morgan and dr. pepper's.  A little concern about weather it was all going to

go south. And, everything was a hit. 

I told the wife I was quitting my job and going to smoke full time.  She replied you &%%)($##@& done a great job

but you )(*^%$$$$$^&*())_+_ had better just keep smoking for a hobby.:)  So,  I feel it is in my best interest to just

keep smoking on my spare time.  Enjoy the pictures.  They taste as good as they look.  Thanks, 


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You know how hard it is to sleep with one eye open?  LOL


You feeding the track team or what? Hope yall did good.


 Groceries look really good!



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Looks nice what smoker is that?

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The smoker is a vertical one that I built a while back. I posted pictures of my build last week on the forum. Thanks
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Good God, it's downright amazing to see all that done at once!


(One would have to sample everything just to determine their favorite therefore)!


Impressive stuff! Great job!


Cheers! - Leah

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This is a better picture of the Meatloaf.
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