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Jerkey slicing question...

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Should meat for jerky be sliced with or across the grain? I've done venison and beef across the grain in the past (haven't made jerky in a long time), so it wouldn't be so chewy, but was that right?


Specifically, I'm looking to jerky a wild turkey breast today, and I'm wondering how to slice the strips.



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Hello.  I think you have answered your own question.  Across the grain and it will tend to fall apart and with the grain it will have more texture, more "jerky like".  Rip a piece off and chew the heck out of it.  Depends on what you are looking for.  I like jerky to be rip it and chew it.  Isn't that what jerky is all about?  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!


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Either way is fine. Difference being is that slicing across the grain makes it easier to take a bite from. In my opinion it chews the same no matter how it's sliced once it's in your mouth.


Been slicing beef for jerky this way (post #19) since I've started making it..... works for me.

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I slice my jerky against the grain. I agree with jp61 the chew is the same just easier to take a bite.
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