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very quick lamb shank curry.

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I know there are some lamb shank fans out there ,so I did these as a curry for a change.


Made curry powder from scratch. This is a bit West Indian so I made the powder to suit. Fried shanks,remove. Fry onions add curry powder,garlic,ginger,habanero,thyme,4 crushed all spice berries. Gentle. Then a can of coconut drink,chicken stock,put shanks back in.Not enough liquid so a can of coconut milk & some water.cinnamon stick.

Put it in low oven while I get onto other stuff.I will transport this to GF  house & make green paw paw,papaya to you guys ,salad on site.


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Mikie ya on a roll!  You know if ya feed her too well, she'll follow ya home! Stay away from the "pet" names or you'll be a lost cause.


Like that idea, shanks cooked in stock and coconut juice. Nice spice blend. I even like the cinnamon.


And toss your Paw-Paws at her house........ Oh My!

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Just about got it done,good colour. Got some grunt, those habaneros have some sting.


Bit to fatty for my taste so I will use some paper towel to skim it.

That coconut drink stuff is a handy ingredient,got natural sugars in it,light fresh sort of flavour. Tempted to put some rum in  the next can,few mint leaves & have a punch!

Got to drive this 45 minutes across town to GFs so it needs to cool.

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I think paw paw is grand ma in Malaysian not sure what it is in cajun country:biggrin:.

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I think this romance is bringing out even more of your fantastic cookery!!


Incredible stuff Mick! As always!! Terrific to see!!


Cheers!!! - Leah

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That was it. Paw paw,onion,cucumber,bell pepper, Thai herbs,peanuts, crispy shallots then the dressing . It's really just a version of coleslaw.
The curry was really good,it was a Caribbean feel had some heat so paw paw salad was a good counterpoint .
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I STILL think that you could your own quite magnificent Bistro or Restaurant!


Hell, I may even FOR THAT make the trip!


The finished product here looks divine!


Cheers! - Leah

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Great Doo on the shanks Mick... Appears the delivery trip across town went well....

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Looks great! But the important question was....... how did she like it?

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Wow, love lamb !! Very nice job !! icon14.gif

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Yes it was a big hit,we ate the whole paw paw salad which was a big bowl.
Curry was hot soaking the fat off the top with paper towel the right call.
Shanks are such a great cut curry.
Glad you all liked it.
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Another fine looking meal man!  thumb1.gif

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Nice looking shanks Mick......


I got a pork shank from my last kill.....pondering what to do with it..

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