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Oh boy!


I am sorry I didn't keep up with the Qview as things progressed.  As most of you are familiar with this scenario, I had about 10 neighbors show up right as things were coming off the smoker.  Let's just say that everything was a success.


Ok, here are my thoughts from the cook:


1.  The Peoria Custom Cooker (PCC) Backyard 24x48 is an awesome cooker.  After about an hour, I was able to get the temps steadied to 250 and it was a breeze to maintain.  Thanks to Harleysmoker's advice, a very small small fire was all that was needed, with an added split about every 40 minutes.  The ambient temperature was between 30 and 40 with winds in the 20 mph range.  So, it was fairly cold and windy.  The insulated firebox made maintaining pit temps a breeze.  I've cooked in similar conditions with the Horizon Classic, and it was MUCH more difficult to maintain steady pit temps than with the PCC.  Again, props to Harleysmoker93......leaving the top exhaust fully closed and the bottom vent fully opened kept even temps throughout the pit (within 10-12 degrees from one side to the other).  


2.  Mr Lederman -  Honestly, the rub is nothing secret.  It is just a standard blend of your common spices.  My most common go to rub is Zach's Sweet Rub.  I can always count on it for a great final product.  The brisket rub used less turbinado and more peppers, paprika, and salt.  The brisket was awesome!!!!  As always, the pulled pork was a hit.  We killed one butt in a matter of 15 minutes.  I did inject this time with a white grape juice/garlic/bbq rub injection.  I did not foil the butts til it was time for them to nap in a cooler.  I did the same with the brisket, but injected with a worcestershire sauce/beef bouillon/garlic injection.  The ribs were your standard ribs, rubbed with EVOO and bbq rub with a 2-2-1 cook.  The were a hit as well.  The chicken was just ok.  I didn't have the pit at a higher temp needed for the desired skin I would commonly look for.  I think everyone thought it was great, but for me it was just ok.


3. We drank large quantities of alcohol and had a great time!!!!


All in all, I am VERY happy with my decision to go with the Peoria Custom Cooker.  I would highly recommend this cooker to anyone who is in the market for a unit of this size.  The people at PCC are great to work with and take the time to make sure you are happy with the cooker.  


Thanks to everyone for stopping by.  Contact me if you have any questions about the cooker!

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Glad everything turned out good. Sounds like you guys had a blast on Saturday.

Keeping a small fire is definitely a must with this cooker having an insulated fire box. I wasted a lot of time using too big of a fire and and shooting the temps way too high then waiting for it to cool down to around 275* so I could load it up. It took me a few times to finally figure out the right size fire to use to keep the temps around 235*-250*. Once I figured it out though it is the easiest cooker I ever used. Once it's up to temp it purrs right along.

Thanks for the PM sharing what you learned with me. I just sent you a PM sharing what I learned this weekend using the top exhaust and keeping the bottom one closed. Together I think we can get these rigs dialed into anything we are cooking. grilling_smilie.gif
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