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The Mole Smoke

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Ok folks. Handymanstan has offered to take me under his wing performing the art of mole hunting. I figured this would be a good time to try my hand at smoking a brisket while waiting for my first trap to pop. Still waiting for ground to thaw, so maybe shortly after easter.

step one was to procure insturctor Stan approved traps. Not only are they Stan approved, but made in Michigan!

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The brisket sounds good and I think smoking and hunting always go together. 


Now take those traps out of the boxes and toss then outside into the weather to remove all smells from them.  They won't rust or anything. 


Michigan moles killed by Michigan made traps.   We can make mole jerky.



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Lesson 2. Remove human stink. Check..
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OK. The mole traps have been sitting outside for about a week now. I am NOT schedule to work this weekend, and the moles are destroying my back yard.

There is a chance I will be setting traps and smoking something this weekend.
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