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Major screw up on my order

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So I ordered a pig from local butcher.  I was excited to get it and get it home and start playing with some specialty pieces.  However, I got home and found out that all of my pork belly was not in large pieces but pre-sliced.  I immediately called the meat store to discover that sure enough I somehow clicked on the slice tab for the pork belly.  I need some ideas on how I can still make this into a usable piece of bacon or other ideas on what to do with it.  Could I wrap some butcher twine around the slices and then brine, dry and smoke or will the sliced bacon get way too much brine?  Any useful recommendations would be appreciated.  Needless to say I am a little bummed about my mistake but will make something tasty out of it one way or another.  

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You can go ahead and either brine or sprinkle with salt and make salt pork.  You can sprinkle with rub, sugar and  then smoke, make pork candy


You can use it to wrap leaner cuts of meat, scallops, and shrimp or as a seasoning in beans.


Fry it up and make sandwiches just use a bit of rub.


Not the best options but options none the less!

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