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Cuts in Spanish

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Does anyone know what the cuts of pork are called in Spanish?

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SenorKevin it really depends what part of the latino world you are talking about.Give me some ideas what parts you are needing to translate and in what area I will try to help you.



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I live in Mexico and I am finding it hard to find cuts such as pork butt etc.

Thanks for your help

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You will find that latino countries do not cut meat like USA so there is not a name for certain american cuts.What has worked for me in Colombia I found a butcher I could trust then took him a pork and beef cut chart copied off the internet.My butcher and I over the years have had some fun and I always take him something I have cooked so he can try how it tastes and the tenderness when it is the rite cut and cooked correctly 


I live in a smaller town so butchering technics are not always have the cleanest cuts.I do get what I need.Most meat is called by the section not the cut piece.Here is some translations that will get you closer to the area of cuts.

Pork  ---- Cerdo

Front leg -- Abraso

Hind leg -- Pernil

Ribs      -- Castillas

Tenderlion -- Loma de Cerdo


Here is a start you need more let me know between me and my wife who dont speak any english we can get it figured out.



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Things like pork butt/shoulder.

Also things like beef brisket etc would be great. I dont even know what cut that is in English!

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Beef Brisket --- Sobrebarriga


Whole briskets will be hard to find except if you order it latinos like to cut it thin and cook in a pressure cooker then throw it on a grill.Since mostly all beef is grass fed and not the best breed of cows some cuts of beef will not cook up like we are used to.



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Hello Kevin.  th_HaHAAHaa.gif  I find this HILARIOUS!  :duel:  head-wall.gif  I am NOW trying to translate 'Merican to English for my English butcher.  He doesn't understand pork butt, chuck roast beef short ribs or packer brisket either.  You would think we were speaking different languages.  Dan has ya covered here though.  Find a good butcher who will work with you, take him a beef cut chart from the internet, ALWAYS provide him with some finished product and start experimenting.  Dan also has a good point about the quality of beef you might get.  Also Kev I'm afraid you have ZERO hope of a banger!  They do have some great sausages in Mexico so IF you can find a REALLY good butcher start trying them and see what you like.  Hang in there and see what cuts you end up with.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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Do a Google search for Los Cortes del Cerdo (The cuts of Pork.)

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Diggingdog that is a great starter chart for Kevin to copy and take to his butcher.That Google page is from Spain so even that translation mite not work in Mexico.Plus for any of you that mite need a translation using Google beware the spainish translater is not correct on alot of words.You could end up with a live burro and a old toothless wife all at the same store.hahahahahahaha  


Kevin you never said what area in Mexico you are in.If you are in Mexico City or the tourist areas you will have alot less problems finding what you want in cuts of meat.


I can go to Bogota to the nicer butchers and get T-bones and Rib eyes cut to my specs it is just double the price per lb I pay at my butcher.  



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KC5TPY I have 2 friends here one is a Brit the other is Aussie.I have had some fun times trying to translate their english to spainish  hahahahahahahaha



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dls1 That is a great page I even book marked it.We dont use puerco here for pork we use cerdo.Knowledge is a good thing.



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Hello.  Dan Is completely right about Spanish, Mexican and Tex-Mex.  Depending on where you are in Mexico, Spain or Texas; things don't ALWAYS translate exactly.  Marranno is pig in Tex-Mex but I am not sure it is still used in Mexico or Spain.  Pollo still means chicken in each language as I understand it.  I am certainly no language expert.  And the foods can be different.  Carne asda is a totally different dish to carne guisada.  Spanish chorizo CAN be very different from Mecican and Tex Mex chorizo.  Also different regions of Spain and Mexico have variations.  Google German, polish, and Italian sausage/salami recipes and see what ya find.  Many folks in the U.S.A. think German means X, Polish sausage means Y and Italian means Z.  Different regions vary greatly.  I wish you luck.  Keep Smokin!


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And I thought I got headaches figuring out the difference between European cuts and American cuts?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thank you all so much for all your help. Much appreciated. 

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I know this is way old of a post but I just happened across it.

   Use  Rolly's Kitchen. he has done a great job translating cuts of meat, plus everything else you might need while cooking.

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