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Boston Butt "Alla Bear"

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I've smoked Boston Butts before but this Saturday, I decided to follow Bear's outstanding step by step instructions. 

On Friday, I coated the 4.7# Boston Butt with yellow mustard and, since I was in a hurry, used off-the-shelf rub, Applewood. Wrapped it and into the frig.



Pulled it out at 6:30 Am and started to warm up the smoker to 220. Put the butt in at 8 AM, temp 220, with bacon above the pork.



Left the probe out until about noon when the meat was 150* and raised smoker temp to 230*. During the stall, I sprizt'd it with apple juice and cherry bourbon (75/25%) about every 45 minutes until I put it in the juice catch pan with about 6 oz of the apple juice and bourbon mix at 3 PM (double wrapped) and pushed smoker temp to 250*.



About 4:50 PM, temp was 205, turned down and cooled the smoker to 100* and let it rest until 5:30. Brought it inside, broke part off and pulled that part. After dinner pulled the rest, put left over juices in frig to cool & separate the fat. Next day, I put them a vacu-pack for the freezer.





Thanks to Bear for great instructions. Although I have done pulled pork other ways and always liked it, I think Bear's step-by-step instructions are outstanding and, if you haven't tried them, you should! The only change I will make next time is to smoke two!

Thanks Again, try it!

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That looks awesome. 


Nice job.

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Looks great. I have thought about spritzing with bourbon, but always worried the alcohol wouldn't cook out, this wasn't a problem I guess? Also, did you just put a drip pan in there or actually put the pork in a drip pan?



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I spritz with a mix of apple juice (75%) and usually Red Stag (cherry-infused bourbon) 25% on pork. The bourbon has always cooked out but, if you you use too much bourbon (and I have) the meat starts to fall apart if its sealed in foil or something similar. If I don't make that mistake, I have never had a problem. In my experience, if you use too much bourbon and seal the meat, sometime it really, really falls apart. I have never had any problem with just spritz'ing.

I did use a drip pan and then put the pork in it, with about 6 oz of apple and bourbon (75/25%), when I sealed it for the last almost two hours.   

I gotta say, Bear technique worked really well.

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Looks real good, nice job !! icon14.gif
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Where's the bacon go?

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I make it into quesadillas with cheese and whatever else gets in my way! Really good smoky flavor and it keeps the pork even juicier.

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Thanks for all the kind comments but again, I just followed Bear's instructions!

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Outstanding Job, Scott !!!:drool


Don't know how this Thread eluded me, but I just found it !!


Thank You for the Kind words!!!


Must be eating Awesome Pulled Pork Sammies for a couple days!!


I never put sliced Bacon above a Butt----Was that for snacking while waiting for 205* ???:biggrin: 




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Well, to be honest, I started doing it with leaner meat cuts to keep them moist but, we really like smoked bacon quesadillas so I put bacon above most things now (unless I'm smoking Scotch Eggs).

Thanks Again for your instructions and experience on this subject and many others.



Hampton, VA

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Great job. That is  a stunning looking butt. I have also benefited from Bear's posts. He is a real benefit to the forums.



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Thanks Disco, I have also learned a lot from your posts!

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I think this post was hidden ........ Nice looking pork!


Bear can be pretty smart, just don't tell him.

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Originally Posted by sarnott View Post

Thanks Disco, I have also learned a lot from your posts!

Har, to quote something I recently read, "Thanks for all the kind comments but again, I just followed Bear's instructions!" A smoker who just made a great butt said it.



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A nice butt indeed! I enjoy seeing it go from whole to pulled, and all the steps! Great job! Cheers! - Leah

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