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Extension on the ball valve???

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I have 3 one inch holes around my barrel, two inches off the bottom. On two of the holes I have them capped/plugged and on the third I have a ball valve with a 24" extension on it for easier accessibility. My question to the UDS family is I am having trouble maintaining my heat on a regular basis with just adjusting my valve. I can have it wide open and I still lose heat; where then I have to fight the battle of opening one of my plugged holes open to build it back up. With that said, having one air supply open (without the ball valve) provides to much air to the fire and is much hotter than what I would like to cook at. So here's my question: Could the extension pipe be restricting/ not providing enough air supply to my fire basket by means of having to travel to far to provide to the basket?



(I am trying to upload pictures of my set-up for those visual thinkers)
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Could you undo the riser and put the ball valve on the nipple to see if the riser is the problem?
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I can't figure out how to add a picture. Here is a link to all of my picture posts in the UDS Group
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I am going to try that next time I do a cook, just don't know when it will be.  Just putting the question out there to see if any others have had a similar problem or have any suggestions

I think I got the picture problem sorted out, here's my UDS

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The elbow on top of the riser hurts it too. People that have risers only have 1 elbow.
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I agree with what c farmer said. Each elbow will restrict flow. I have a 24" riser on my ball valve and have no issues. I usually run with one cap open and ball valve at 1/2 open to maintain 225-235°F.

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With just running your ball valve, do you or can you still maintain that same temp?  Or is it just that your UDS works that way?

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I can run a lower temp at a constant level with just the ball valve open or with it closed and a cap removed from one of the nipples. It's usually around the 200°F mark.



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Uncap one of the other nipples and buy another ball valve...........make sure it is a full bore ball valve , some ball valves even though they are a 1'' valve a lot of them have a small 3/8'' to 1/2'' orifice , find one with a full bore orifice.


After you get the new valve try running one low without a riser run it  wide open , then you can bring up and control temps by adjusting the B.V. with the riser.

This is what I had to do before I bought my PartyQ , with makes my UDS 100% set it and forget it

for up to 18 hours depending on the charcoal basket size.


Good luck.


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I run only two intake vents, each with a 3/4" ball valve. Wide open on both I get 275-300 depending on ambient temperatures. With each half closed I get approx 225. I've thought about adding a third to allow higher temps but so far I haven't needed to.

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