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Smoke Bacon wrap chicken breast

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This pass Saturday I travel to the bbq contest in Santa Anita and I sample a bunch of bbq. One of the best bbq I had was bacon wrap chicken breast pieces. Well nascar being yesterday I bought a package of chicken breast and bacon. I cut them in small pieces and wrap each piece with a half cut of bacon. Smoke it for almost two hours and sauce it and let that sit for another 30 minutes.

Now that I made it once I was trying to look at other steps on the process . Like maybe spraying the chicken with juice. I know some cook chicken in a pan with butter etc.

Has anyone made these and how did you make them? Also what would I do if I finish them at say noon what would they taist like if I kept them hot for 2 hours. I only made then once and they were good. Anyone make bacon wrap chicken? How did you make it

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Wow, this was a post four days ago and no answers.  This will come too late to help.


I haven't make them but I like the idea ALOT!!!!  However you cook them I'd brine the breasts first.  They become much more forgiving when brined.  They'd stay juicy while kept hot for two hours too.


After using another poultry brine for years that was heavy on the molasses, my new poultry favorite is Alton Brown's Orange Juice brine.  I added a tablespoon each of onion and garlic powder to the brine recipe.  I used it for the first time last week and that was the first chicken I've BBQ'd or smoked where I NEVER added BBQ sauce on the leftovers.  My wife and I picked the last of the bones clean last night.  You don't taste OJ but it complements the chicken beautifully!

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I made these a few weeks ago. I just cubed the chicken breasts into 1 inch pcs. Put a little of my favorite dry rub them and wrapped with half slice of bacon. Smoked for 2 to 2 1/2 hours with hickory chunks. Turned out very tasty. They were still very good after heating them up in a crock pot the next day.










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The last 30 minutes I dip them in bbq sauce for that nice finnsh glaze. My only concern is they are real good fresh but after you remove them they are never the same a hour or two later. I reheated some today and they were real tough and they were real tender when they were fresh. Next time I'm going to put 4 or 5 of them on a stick and have bacon wrap chicken on a stick.

This last time I kept them on the smoker too long. They were good but not as good as my first time.

Also I use thick bacon and I'm thinking about trying thinner bacon next time.
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