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First time Bacon

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I just took 6 slabs of pork belly out of Pops wet brine recipe method.  Had it in the fridge in 6 separate containers for 11 days.  Now have patted the wettness off and it is sitting in my fridge uncovered until tomorrow afternoon when I start smoking it. 


My question is, what color is the meat now supposed to be after curing and before smoking?  It seems like I have seen pics where it is supposed to be very reddish to pinkish but mine is like a dull purple(if that makes sense).  Anyone with feedback what color it is supposed to be?



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It looks ok to me from that picture - did it firm up some for you? You can actually have several different colors when brine curing but you don't want a brown/grey spoiled meat color. (or smell!)



Here is some BBB I just cured & you can see the color variance in it.




& here is an eye of round I cured for dried beef right after it came out of the brine - you can see how dull it is...


If you're really, really worried you could shoot Pops a PM but personally I wouldn't be afraid of that meat.

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Here is some pork butts right out of Pop's brine. Sometimes they look blotchy like these and sometimes they don't.


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15 hours in smoker with internal temps ranging from 120 to 124. Will put in fridge for a day then slice and freeze.
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Finished product frying up. Nice smoked, salty flavor.
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Looks great, you will love it.

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Congrats on your bacon, makes you wonder why you waited so long to do it. Next its Canadian bacon, sausage, hams, maybe some andouille! Course then you'll want to make gumbo!


When you get a chance, click the "My Profile" icon on the upper taskbar and tell us a bit about yourself. Make sure and give us a location as to where you live so all can tell when in a discussion or answering a question what climate or weather you might be seeing. And questions like are those for real little horns sticking out your head are really important? Inquiring minds and all that stuff.....LOL


Grats again on that bacon and look forward to seeing more of your achievements.

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