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New 14.5 WSM

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Seen a post on here awhile back about Weber coming out with a smaller version of the WSM.  Not sure if anyone else posted about this yet but seen the 14.5 advertised in the paper today.




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Saw it in the Walmart ad this morning too.

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Just saw a advertisement here in Finland, it is on sale for a limited time 100euros/137$.

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Nobody has this ? It would be nice to hear how it performs, i assume its better than Mini wsm.

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Yup, I bought one back in January.
It performs excellent, just like the other WSMs.

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Have you measured temps on bottom vs top grate ? I guess its eco-friendly what it comes to briquettes or lump.

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As you'd probably expect, there can be a small temperature difference between the top and bottom grate but not enough to make an appreciable difference.

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Yes i did, but it wont get hot enough to burn pork or poultry on the bottom grate ? This is only sale on sunday, i probably get it since the price is very affordable.

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You need to control the temperature to avoid burning.
Not a big deal, the WSMs are known for holding temperature well.

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Thanks, i dont think that i can go wrong with this.

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BTW, for those here in the USA interested in a good deal on the WSM 14.5 incher.
FireCraft has them for $199.95 and free shipping...no sales tax outside of PA.
That's where I bought mine.


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Bought one at christmas. Nobody in sw colorado carries them so I got it on amazon for $199 free shipping. Holds heat excellent for several hours. Flavor is much better than my electric which I use for sausage.
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Ahhhh..... those are soooo cute! :ROTF jk'g


Can't go wrong with a smokey mountain of any size. Enjoy! 

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To give an idea of size and yes they are cute - a mini R2D2




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These were sold immedieatly didnt get one! I will keep looking maybe i find used 18.5 or 22.5 for good price.

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I'm getting ready to press the button on this one this weekend!!!!! Do they require a test burn or some kind of seasoning prior to loading up meat?

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No they don't, however until they are seasoned they will run a bit hot and will leak just a bit.

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I'm thinking about a WSM later myself, but I'm probably going to get the 22.5. Gonna save a little at a time until I can get it.

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Originally Posted by Laughingpanther View Post

I'm thinking about a WSM later myself, but I'm probably going to get the 22.5. Gonna save a little at a time until I can get it.


Watch Craigs List, they have them off and on, usually for a good price.

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The 14.5 is sweet. I Dont feel bad using the small one when i just want to do one rack of ribs chicken or a tri tip. Dont have to waste so much fuel.
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