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Build looks great, your off to a solid start.  Rib, Dave and these other guys are a wealth of knowledge.  Here are a few pics of my build, a 150 gallon tank, maybe it will help with ideas for your trailer as you continue your build, I used an old boat trailer as well,m I cut it down length wise on both the front and back.


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I plan on making my hinges like this. Would this work or would it get the flange in a bind when opening the door?
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That will work perfectly, you nailed it!

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Question about Fb vent holes. Can I put the vent holes on the lower end of the actual door, or do they need to be on each side of the FB? Hope that made some kind of sense. ......
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judging by this


it says I need 3 -  4X3 " holes for the air intake. Am I reading this right? And can they be placed anywhere as long as there under the fire grate? I also plan on adding a few intake holes parallel to the FB/CC opening. I would like to put all holes on the back (door side) of the FB.



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According to your numbers in the prior post you need 36 sq inches of intake, that would be 3 4"x 3" rectangular.   I would put an additional one higher (above fire) about 7-8 square inches (20% of 36 sq ").   It is best to locate these "in-line" with the CC opening so air flows. But you could put the lower ones on the side and the upper one on the door.  The upper intake is more important to move heat into CC.   The lower ones have the grate and fire in-line so their placement is not so critical.  Not sure how big your door is but you may not have much material left to put all intakes on the door.  The more you cut out the more it will tend to warp.  Whats' your door thickness?   Size?



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my door is 18" wide X 17" tall. By the time I put the strips around it I guess you could nock off 1" in all measurements (17"X16"). Id like to shoot for something like this.


 This pic is upside down, but I left a space above the door that I could ad the "direct air" to. You can kinda see where I drew circles. Id really like all my vents to be on the back (door) end if possible. Door thickness is 1/4".

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I made a template for my door with the vents in it. Do you all think this would work or am I asking for trouble? When the vents are open the vent door will hang out past the FB door about 3".

Everything is to scale.
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I forgot to add the sides of the FB its self. The vent door might hang out about an inch.... the holes are 3x4 and there is 3" between them. There is 1.5 inches on the outside edges.
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Here is what Ribwizzard did on his door, you might ask him what he thinks



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I would be interested in going that route as well. I just need to figure ouut round hole size.
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Take your time, Your idea would work if you don't mind it sticking out,


Here is my door, but my smoker is smaller, we just added the vents at the top, Huge Difference


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Cool. Thanks for the pics. I have read your build and your FB upgrade and to be honest, the reason I wanted to put my vents in the door was because I liked the way you did your "internal" vent door..
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If you go back to Dave's post 57 on this thread,


120 gallon x 231 = 27720 cu. in. CC needs
9240 ci FB
471 ci stack
28 sq. in. FB air inlet .... can be split adding a second opening above the Fire Grate... improves temp control...
111 sq. in. FB/CC opening
111 sq. in. area under the RF plate


You need 28 square inches, so you can go with three 2x4 and another single 2x2 in line with the firebox/cook chamber opening. That should cut your sliding plate length down so it won't hang off the side when fully open, and it won't be hanging out anyway when you get up to temperature since it will be choked back down after everything warms up.

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Thanks yall for all the help this far. I went back and did 3- 2x4's and a 2x4 on top just for good measure. Fits alot better.. what do ya think?
Also,, what size angle is best to frame in these 1/4" slide doors?
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Looks good, drop that top one down about 2" so it catches a little down into the top of the fire and it should work great!

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I don't remember what we used, had some small angle laying around and ground one side for a little better fit. You don't want it tight, a little play so it slides easy. Thanks for the complement on my door, this was the first RF we built, and had not found this forum yet. We used the old version of Feldon's . There are a lot of FB doors that look way better than mine. Did you see Rib's  WOW


Gary S

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I agree fully with Gary on this one, Rib has some mad skills and all the toys to do it right!

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Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I am going to clean it up, sand the areas that need it, and re-paint it. Also need to make a wood handle for the new damper slide, and refinish the rest of the wood, then I'll feel like I have a new smoker.


Gary S

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Hey MrSpooky, you get any more done ?



Gary S

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