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Smoked Rib Eye!

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So the wife was out of town hanging out with her friends so I decided to have a couple buds over for some smoked goodness and the NCAA tourney.  Seasoned these guys with some Lawry's, garlic powder and Kansas city style steak seasoning.  Got the smoker going to about 240*.  Smoked'em for 1 hour at 240* then seared them on the grill for 2 min a side.  Came out medium to medium rare.  Served them w/ some seasoned sliced potatoes that were wrapped in tin foil and cooked on top rack of grill at 275* for 1 hr.  The buds gave the steaks 10 out of 10.  Also think I got them probably buying smokers soon.

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Those look delicious! Ya gotta love reverse seared rib eyes. icon14.gif

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nice steaks!

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Great lookin ribeye's , love a good ribeye ! The reverse sear is awesome ! Have a hard time doin steaks any other way now cause everyone loves the RS so much !!

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My buddies are hooked on this method.  I think I ruined any future steaks for them.

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I love me some ribeye and those look great!

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