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Originally Posted by hillbillyrkstr View Post

Well I already use an amazn and it's been spotty. I will do the mailbox mod soon.

As far as masterbuilt I had a good experience with they're customer service, and now I have new parts. Zero complaints with that end of it. Now we will see if the new chip tray catches fire. If it does then I will not change my mind on the mes 40 gen 2 as a product.

Guess only more smoking will tell!

If you are using the AMNPS, you don't need the chip tray in the MES......
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Yeah I'm aware of that but I'd like to be able to have the smoker work the way it was intended to work. I doubt I'll use it that way much, but it'd be nice to know if I throw chips in it they won't start ablaze in case I'm outta pellets
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Originally Posted by Stayhot View Post

You will never get consistent smoke with the MES no matter what type or kind of chip pan they send you. This problem will always be there until you add the Amazin smoker or do a mailbox mod. You will still need to open the smoker releasing all the heat to empty the chip pan during the longer smokes. 


X2 ... agree.


Their system is very bad for anything actually requiring a decent smoke.  Unfortunately the Amazen isn't the right answer either without some work.  The holes in it are too small for the Gen 2 air flow to work properly.  The tube does a better job (larger holes) but it is too big for the box - too much smoke.

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I did the mailbox box mod last weekend and I think I'm on to something great. I had consistent smoke for all 6 hours using the Amazin 3/4 full of pellets inside the mailbox---no complaints what so ever. The beauty of this setup is that you do NOT have to open the door during the entire time, you could even add more pellets if needed along the way. When using the mailbox mod I did pull out the chip drawer inside completly out of the unit to allow the smoke to come in.
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