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10 hours on the smoker, another 45 minutes wrapped and resting, and ready to go...and it was AWESOME. Not 100% perfect, but really, really good.


There was an 18 degree diff between the two thermometers when I pulled it and foiled it, I think the good thermometer was right. It was juicy and tender, but not falling apart and the fat could have rendered out more- but still better than all but a few briskits I've had at BBQ joints. 


Next time I'm going to start it at higher heat and back it down if necessary, and use the good thermometer. 


Some Qview for y'all:


Right out of the foil-




Cutting the flat from the point...anyone know why the darn line in between? Not sure why it's that color.




Slice from the moist point side:





With a little home-made tater salad and spicy slaw:




And now...a home made berry pie!


Thanks for the advice guys...

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:drool  Sure looks good to me  thumb1.gif 

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  I think that line is the fat layer between the point and the flat. To separate is more of a horizontal cut rather than a vertical cut. Looks like it came out nice!



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This is great information! The first brisket I did (for pastrami) got to an IT of 170F very quickly. Smoker temp was 250F. An hour and a half later it got to 180F and sat there like a log. I turned my mes up to 275 (highest) and the IT never rose. I thought my brand new, first use maverick must be wacky so I pulled it and stuck in a regular meat thermo. 180 it was. This is great info about smoking brisket. Thanks LightItUp!  ----Rich

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