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I've had a small website for last 18 years and counting.  Didn't get dot.com name until sometime early in the 2000's.  But, as we got to know each other through posting, we eventually ended up having get togethers like this.  Picnic in fall, and spring dinner at a resturant in May.  We've had as few as 6 people and as many 50 at each of them.  Ya never know.


Anyway, one of our friends from the site, (Judy),  always got confused, between user names, and real names. 

So she started bringing name tags, and making us wear them, with username and first name at least. 


It got the job done, and was appreciated by all.  Now she has the nickname of "Name Tag Lady".  LOL


It a good idea to use.  Especially at my age.  I need all the help I can get remembering. <grin>

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I think using name tags is a excellent idea.  Since it was Kurts idea we should put him in charge of it. :biggrin: 



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Agreed! He's in charge of the name tags!
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No problem. I'll run to Staples and get a box of peel-n-stick name tags and a Sharpie. If Rockstar wants to get real formal he can wear his tuxedo T-Shirt! lol
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Ahahahhahahhahhhahhahhhhahhaa!!! I don't own one of them fancy tuxedo shirts humdinger! Always figured they were outta my budget!
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They're fairly reasonable, but if you get the one with carnation painted on the lapel, it could be pricey! lol
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Lmao!!! Id want the real fancy one that's why I haven't bought it yet. Still saving up! Us hillbillies don't have much money left at the end of the week after all the PBR and ammo bought!
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Well cool. I believe I am interested in attending. Sounds fun. Looking forward to a new experience and people.
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Robb will you be wearing a tuxedo tshirt? Humdinger is trying to make this kinda formal....
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I can tell already that this is an outing to attend.  You guys are NUTS!  Just like me.

I don't own one of them fancy tuxedo shirts, but I promise to wear shirt and shoes. :icon_wink:    Oh yeah, pants too.



Can't wait to see some different smokers in action, and learn the benefits, and draw backs, of various kinds.

Not to mention I will be picking your brains for advice on methods and etc.


I don't know what I will be bringing yet.  Can't bring my smoker, so I suppose I'll have to think of a couple of good side dishes to pass.


Will I be able to get side dishes warmed up by someone?  I'd have to keep it cold in cooler during transport.

I'll work on it, and let you know what they may be later.

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Yeah it was a good time last year for sure. I learned all about smoked cheese from Stan and started smoking it myself with his help. He also smoked watermelon! No BS!

I'm sure it can be arranged to heat your sides up. Last year was the first time we did this and we pulled it off pretty good.
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So is it official that everyone will be receiving a name tag upon arrival and we all need to be wearing tuxedo t-shirts?

Also If guests don't own a tuxedo t-shirt, but happen to own a real tuxedo is that something they could come dressed in?
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@hillbillyrkstr I use to have a doctor shirt with pens stethoscope and all! However tuxedo shirt would be on th rental category. Sorry! ..lol.
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Now throwback tuxedos wit pink or paisley ruffles would be the bomb. .Hot but the bomb!
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Sorry guys but I don't have a tuxedo.  I will be wearing my SMF t-shirt.



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Why doesn't it surprise me that you have a SMF tshirt Stan???

Doctor shirt huh? That might work. But if your all talking about vintage tuxedos how about crushed velvet? Might be kinda hot for a summer bbq, but you'd be the talk of the party for sure!
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Crushed Velvet!? now were getting into Liberace territory! LOL

Name tags will be available to everyone when they arrive. Just write down your SMF Name first then your first name underneath. Tuxedo shirts and the like are optional.
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More smokers, more people, and name tags??? When do we get a corporate sponsor? This is getting kinda big for is rednecks. I might have to get out while it's still cool.... Lol!

Just to update I'm gonna be doing ABTs, and some smoked beans (own recipe).

Anyone up for a fatty contest? Sounds cheap and easy for all. Everyone who wants in bring a fatty and we can have a panel of judges vote on them? Just a thought.
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Originally Posted by johnbphotos View Post

I have marked this event on my calendar looking forward to meeting and hanging out with fellow Q'ers.

I'm coming from Lowell.

I would like to bring my RV to stay in (32 ft Class A).





Pleanty of room for the RV!
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Sorry I have been missing for a while. Been real busy with mowers, boats, dryers, broken cars, 7 day work schedule, etc. Enough whining....

Pool is open, pleanty of firewood and all smokers are ready. I hate to rush time, but I am really looking forward to the gathering!

Nametags are a great idea. I get forgetful once the beer starts.

Sounds like we will have some campers this year, and a new smoker baby????

I am almost out of smoked cheese, so dont expect any from me. I have really learned to like this stuff. Thanks Stan..... :)

We will be able to warm food, should not be an issue.

Anyone bringing a big smoker? I thought somebody was thinking about bringing a trailer unit??
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