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Smoked Chicken Legs

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My first attempt:

#6.28 legs from Sam's

Rubbed with Lawry's Chicken and Poultry Rub

Using newly acquired MES and cold smoker attachment (using cold smoker box in junction with temperature control in main unit)

Smoking at 260° F with apple wood.
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Looks like you're off to a good start!  Thumbs Up

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About 1.5 hours in and the smell is amazing. Still hovering around 260°.
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I checked my IT at 2 hours and they were done, but I'm leaving the cold smoker on and turning the temperature back so they continue to smoke without cooking too much more.
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Is that a MES cold smoker on the side of your smoker?

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Yes, it is.

And the final product:

The "rub" was very good, but more of a seasoning than a rub. Very salty but good flavor. I have some jerk rub I'll do next time.
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Nice, I'd say the first attempt was a success... Great job !!
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Salt shows up in everything, even those salt free products. I have almost gotten where I don't even season with salt. I say it in the text but usually I am Cayenne, onion and garlic, maybe some paprika or I have some granulated L&Ps. If I salt I do it and sugar both just before the smoker.


You got some good looking legs there.........  

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