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25% there!

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Thank you Brian!


I LOVE that commercial with the hilarious camel, yet haven't seen it lately.


This burger is becoming my new Wednesday tradition or "burger fix" for the week now, as I just loved it so much!


And so perhaps I'll be running around driving my household crazy with chants of, "Hump DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Meanwhile, happy MONDAY and brand new and beautiful week therefore, to all! Yes Joopster, we're 25% there!!


Cheers!! - Leah

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Is camel pretty lean?

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I am going to have to try Camel now. Had squirrel, rabbit, dove, wild duck, pheasant, alligator, kangaroo, Bear, mountain lion, Bison (alot), ostrich, Emu, Venison, Antelope, elk, and probably many things that I forgot about.


I will try anything once.  I may not like it, but will at least try it.


So, tell us did you have to mail order this burger?


It looks delicious and like it wold be worth a try.



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Good Morning!


Joopster, camel burger IS lean compared to bison burger or lamb or such; yet a small bit of fat is visible still throughout the mound of meat - unlike ground ostrich or antelope or something just "blood red" and super lean.


I adore it however and am making it my "Hump Day" tradition each week now - a fun Wednesday thing to look forward to, having a lovely burger, and so tomorrow I'm grilling one to compare it to the smoked version which was wonderful.


Mel, happy Tuesday to you! It sounds like you've savored a lot of wild and very wonderful treats! I indeed share that palate!


I bought the camel burger at a store one hour's drive from me now but it can be ordered from some California outfits I believe, and so you might check online.


Never having thought I'd proclaim one day a week, "Burger Day" in our household, indeed that now is the delicious case and new tradition! 


Happy Tuesday to all!!! I'm smoking cuttlefish for my meal today and so here is to that simple and lovely fun!


Cheers!!! - Leah

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