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turkey legs

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Just curious about inserting the maverick into turkey legs. I put them on about 3 hrs ago and it was reading 185 in the leg. but when i cut it open it was still bleeding. Just curious as to how far to put the mav in or why would it be reading so far off. I already checked the probes in boiling water and they were good.

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The probe should be placed in the middle of the thickest part of meat ~ Breast , Thigh , Leg   , etc.     I don't do a lot of Turkey Legs , but when I do I watch for the skin to start pulling up on the bone ; kinda like Ribs.  :drool

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  Seems like a turkey leg would be hard to place a probe. It may have been too close to the bone. That would give a higher reading.



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Poke it all the way in and pull it out slowly. Watch for the coolest reading and go off that!
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i got it figured out i believe i had the probes in to far. once i put them in about an inch i had a good reading. thanks.

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