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I am going to do 4 chickens on my MES 40 Saturday with an AMNPS and mailbox mod. , I have pitmasters ,oak , apple , cherry and mesquite pellets from Todd , which one of these should I use for the chickens and Sunday I will do 4 Ribs , what choice of pellets on these ,

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I use oak for chicken. Oak is a smooth smoke and birds soak up smoke easy.

Ribs I use hickory and apple. Out of your choices, cherry and apple or pitmasters.
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c farmer has you with a crowd pleasing assortment of flavors... those will work perfect.... For a splash of "what is that flavor", with beef and shrimp, I like about 25% mesquite pellets added.... I had a BBQ steak and shrimp dinner that was done over mesquite, "lightly" and the mesquite was quite impressive.... NOTE... I would never use straight mesquite.... unless I was in Texas.... TOO powerful a flavor, for a northern boy...
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Thanks ,  I did the chickens today with Jeffs rub and pitmasters pellets , did not have the flavor in the white meat for some reason , I will be doing the ribs tomorrow with Jeffs rub again should I go 50/50 with apple and cherry pellets or only apple or only cherry or only the pitmasters , I will be doing the 3-2-1 method and foiling it with only apple juice or what else to add ????

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Just a quick note for you on the cherry pellets - they do not like to stay lit on their own. Your best bet for cherry is to put down a layer of easy burning, neutral pellets like oak & then put your cherry pellets on top of those. The oak will give a good bed of "coals" to keep your cherry pellets burning.  thumb1.gif 

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