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Turkey Breast and Baby Backs at the same time?

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Just curious if anyone has pulled this off successfully?  I've done both separately several with great results.   I'm having a large group of people over so I'd like both to be done around the same time.


My initial thoughts:


Doesn't a turkey breast smoke at a higher temp than the ribs?  


Should I do the turkey breast first, then foil wrap and place in a cooler?


This is my first post.  Thanks for everyone's ideas.



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You can do this, not a problem.  I do it and put the poultry under the other meats.  The turkey will cook fine but the skin probably won't crisp up, you might want to pull it out just a bit early and hit it on the grill or the broiler if you want to crisp it up. I usually just toss the skin so I don't worry about it.  Just watch your internal temps to determine when to pull the meats.  In the picture I did turkey breasts, chicken breasts, brisket and baby backs all at the same time, at the end of the smoke I threw in a rack of ABTs. It was a foodfest!

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Frog is right.  Just make sure the IT of your turkey is a minimum of 165*  I personally aim for 175 - 180*. 

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I understand the bird below the ribs part.  I like to smoke my ribs at 225 degrees for about 3 hours, then foil them for another 2 hours.  I guess i could just keep the turkey in there, and monitor the temp.

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If one thing gets done before the other you could always put it in the oven on warm

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Yep :icon_exclaim:Put them all on placing the Turkey under the Ribs . Cook at 225*F to 250*F , the TB will cook decently at a low temp. and if worried about drying out , lay Bacon over the Breast and go about cooking. Everything is better with Bacon :drool.


Watch your temps. and enjoy :biggrin:.

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Good idea with using the bacon Oldschool

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I've cooked turkey breast with other things many times - you will be fine  thumb1.gif  I pull mine at 165 though so they don't have any chance to dry out. Make sure you take some pics of your smoke to share  :beercheer:

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