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seasoning question

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Okay pros, I'm picking up a new trail master limited and I know about spraying cooking oil inside the cooking chamber, but what about the firebox? Anything to do there? What about the outside?
I'd like to get a good 5 years outta this thing before it looks like a rust bucket.
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Hello.  I am going to pass on a tip I learned from a great friend and long time member ( thanks oldschoolbbq ).  After your seasoning smoke, once you smoker gets cool enough to put your hand on wipe it down with veeg oil.  Just a thin coat on a paper towel.  When it completely cools wipe off the excess.  Now when you fire it up again the outside may smoke a bit but will not affect your food taste.  Put the oil on warm so that the "pores" in the metal are still open.  Do this each time and your smoker should be good for many years.  It should also shed water after 2-3 coatings.  Keep Smokin!


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The seasoning process for my Brinkman Grill was to wipe all outside surfaces with vegetable oil and then get it up to temp for 45 minutes.

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