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Chicken Quarters

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Here is a simple recipe that the whole family will love (my son's favourite).  First off I brine the Chicken for 24hrs in a simple brine of water sugar and salt.

Next I wash off the chicken and injected it with a 50/50 solution of BBQ sauce and pineapple juice.


And add to the smoker (using my gas one today) with pecan chips and keeping it at 250 for 2.5-3 hrs

 On a side note I got this handy soap dispenser for you hands by the sink…..awesome for when handling chicken as you don't have to touch anything!!

now sit back and drink beer and enjoy the smoker smells…..Be back later with final product!

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well here is the plated version…..It was awesome, I really enjoyed the chicken and my wife really enjoyed the pineapple juice in the meat.  

Cheers RJ

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Good day
Im from Toronto and I just picked up a Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker
Any tips would be helpful
Thanks Blair
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Welcome Blair….Ask lots of questions we will try to help you out 


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Which is better?
Start your smoke first,and then let your meat cook like it is in an oven
Or let the rub that u have used do all the flavouring?
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well the rub adds a layer of flavouring, so I put the rub on usually on the night before I smoke. Then an hour before the cook, start your smoker with the wood chunks and take out the meat to warm to room temp.  Depending on what meat you are cooking, low and slow is the best way.  So usually low temp of 200-250 over long periods of time breaks down the fat in meat to deliver extra flavour plus makes it tender and juicy. By adding wood chunks while cooking this adds more flavour yet.  Does this answer your question?


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Thanks JR
I do all that already,ribs went in the fridge yesterday morning and came out this morning
Did all the steps that u have mentioned,been in the smoker since 9am at 200 - 220
I wS just wondering if u can bypass the smoke and just have the flavour of the rub that u would use
Im just trying different ways of enjoying meat, and wanted to know if anyone has done this method before
Basically I would like to know ahead of time ,so I don't through away good money
Again I thank u for your time and answers
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Well you can bypass but to me half the fun is smoking the meat. I do the 3-2-1 method to smoking ribs
3hrs smoke
2hrs in foil
1hr on indirect heat on the BBQ
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Thanks RJ
When I do ribs again I shall try
The 3 2 1 method
Any other tips shall be very helpful
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"---Next I wash off the chicken and injected it with a 50/50 solution of BBQ sauce and pineapple juice.---"


Fresh pineapple juice is a very effective meat tenderizer. It can quickly turn your meat to mush. 


Cooked pineapple juice is OK.



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Thanks for the heads up….RJ

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