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Has anyone ever used ?

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Has any one ever used coffe as injectable
I am thinking of injecting a pork loin with Texas pecan coffe
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I have not but would like to see how it worked out for you.I raise coffee and have cooked meat with coffee wood and that works well.I will watch your posts 



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I wonder if I can get any coffe wood
That would taste good to smoke that with it
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Maybe I need to look into bagging coffee wood chips and exporting to the USA hahahahahah

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I could be your distributor
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Could I use coffee beans or grounds to get the same effect
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You will not get the same effect.Actually when beans are roasting they do not smell to good to me,Now how they would taste being used as a smoke on meat would be another issue.


When I get my smoke house going I do plane to try marinating some meat with brewed coffee for experimention.


As for shipping coffee wood to the USA the cost of shipping would break the bank not counting the cost of the product.LOL

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Ok I need to find out where I can buy coffe wood
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Or I could soak wood chips in coffe
Like Texas pecan coffee soak in pecan wood
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Since you are in TX the closest place would be southern part of central america.Now Houston airport does have 3 direct flights a day to Bogota Colombia.I would be glad to come to Bogota and set you up with all the coffee wood that would fit in your suit case hahahahahahahaha



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I would need passport
I wonder how much it would cost to send 50 lbs
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Trey I am paying $2 - $2.50 lb for shipping that is if USDA would let you receive it.I will do some checking around see if it is possible.You do seem determend to try this.I have a friend that lives in San Antonio that visits about 4 or 5 times a year.


In the mean time is you can find dried green coffee beans mix them with some wood chips.The oil in green coffee beans would be like roasting them.Already roasted beans would just go straight to burning and would give off a pungent smoke rite away.



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I can wait I have a company cook-off in October I think this would be cool to use
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Just let me know
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Trey give me alittle bit to do some research for you see if we can make it happen.



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Awesome I appreciate it
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